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Anonymous survey sent to customers after their first order plus feedback received on various social media sites.

1-5 Scale: (Low to High)

Taste 4.7 

Presentation 4.3

Likely To Reorder 4.4

Would Recommend 4.7. 

Favorite Flavor: Coconut Cream  25.37%,

Lemon Meringue 19.40%

Heavenly Chocolate 17.91%

Cream Cheese Fruit 17.91%

Heavenly Chocolate with Andes Mints 11.94% 

Pumpkin 7.46%

Customer Feedback:

I got a dozen small tarts. There were 4 of us so we split each tart in half. Hindsight I should have ordered either two dozen or the large tarts because everyone commented that they wished the tarts were bigger. The tarts were very tasty and hope that new flavors become available!

Pie is my favorite dessert and they were all perfectly delicious! The key to a perfect pie is the crust so you got that right. Loved the creative fillings too. 


They were very delicious and a great hit at our family Christmas Eve dinner

Our experience was very good as were the “cutie pies” 




Super delicious! I’m addicted!


Size was great and overall taste was pretty good. We didn’t enjoy the chocolate as much as we liked the pumpkin or cheesecake. The presentation was good but they did shift/shake a bit during transportation which caused them to get a little messed up. Not a huge problem

Ordered these darling / delicious pies for a family party. They were a hit, and the perfect serving size! 


I delivered CutiePies to my friends and family this Christmas and everyone loved them! It was fun having an option other than the usual cookies or popcorn. CutiePies are so delicious and so beautiful. I hope you continue to grow and be successful so I can keep ordering from you for a very long time.

Enjoyed every bite! You were quick to respond to questions and emails

CutiePies Response: Thank you for the kind feedback!  Look forward to seeing you again soon.

I had recently tried Flake pie Co. in south Jordan and was very, very impressed. I was excited to see how Cutiepies compared and was left disappointed. I feel if I had not tried Flake Pie Co. beforehand, I would have rated differently. I like the gourmet feel that Flake Pie has to their pies. I feel this is what Cutiepies was lacking. The price for a dozen would have been a good price if the quality of the pie was comparable to Flake Pie Co.

CutiePies Response: Thank you for the feedback.  We don't know too much about Flakes and wish them all the best.  Some might wonder why we would put your comments on our website while promoting another pie company???

At CutiePies, we believe in being 100% transparent so our clients will have 100% trust in us.  I have posted every comment we have received so far except for a couple that were not flattering to other companies.  We are in the very early stages of developing our brand, products and methods and believe there are plenty of pie lovers to support multiple pie companies in the valley.  We don't believe our success will come from being critical of competitors.  We have faith that our customers will sift through all the testimonials and make their owe informed decision on what we have to offer.

Love that the fruits were fresh and the crust was perfection!


Love them, They are different from any thing else you could see at a party. Need a business card to go with them.

CutiePies Response: Business cards are in the works.  Thanks.


The crust was so delicious, the texture and taste perfectly complimented the fillings. The fillings were so yummy!


Pies were are delicious! Personally I like a more flakey crust but I was not disappointed with the flavor

They were delicious!


I would love it if you all could figure out a keto option but that's a far fetched idea, right!?

CutiePies Response: Thank you for the suggestion.  As a small home-based business we are somewhat limited to how many products we can offer. However, as we grow our business, we expect we will be offering many different flavors and crust options.


I read about your specialty offerings (pumpkin chiffon) but it was not offered on the website and I did not see a way to order it. I just did not know where to look.

CutiePies Response: Sorry you missed that on our website.  Happy to get you some soon.

Everything was delicious, we loved them! The box that it comes in made them look even cutter. Although it was quite small for the pies. We had a bit of a hard time putting the leftovers back without having them fall on the side. Other than that everything was great!

CutiePies Response: Sometimes we error on making them bigger than we should and they get a bit crowded in the container.  We have a new container in the works that should help a lot.  Leftovers?  That's a first! :) Thanks for the feedback.

The lemon meringue was very loose and spilled a fair amount. The meringue itself was tasteless which was a shame! I love a good meringue. The lemon kick was spot on though.

CutiePies Response: I think that lemon batch was a bit thin and the meringue seems to have been an issue on that day.  Meringue it is a bit more tricky and whipping cream.  However it is just egg whites, lemon juice and sugar so not sure why yours was tasteless.  Thanks for the feedback.


I loved the lemon meringue, but the meringue got stuck to the lid a pulled off. Tasted delicious still, but just some feedback. 

CutiePies Response: Sorry the meringue got stuck.  We have a new container in the works. It should help a lot.  Thanks for the feedback.


These pies were amazing! I’m a huge pumpkin lover and the pumpkin pie was so delicious! Ordering and pick-up were super easy. Definitely will order again! 


They were really yummy! I have them to my family...One comment was they were a little hard to eat. Using your hand resulted in whipped cream possibly in your nose. 

CutiePies Response: Sorry for the cream in your nose.  That is a first.  Thanks for the feedback.


I feel the candy canes bits in the Andes mint tart made it took peppermint and less of the nice subtle mint chocolate flavor. 

CutiePies Response: We believe it is the peppermint that gives it a holiday feel.  If you decide to order again, we would be happy to adjust that part. 


Great tasting pies. Loved the crust. All of the pies were great! Especially pumpkin and coconut cream. Loved the chocolate, wish it had a more dark chocolate kick. I could see myself ordering some if I were in a pie mood. Which is more seasonal if I'm being honest. Also could see myself ordering for parties. Would love a delivery option as well. 

CutiePies Response: We would love to offer a delivery option but as small as we are right now, we just don't have the capacity.  If the demand is there, we'll expand our flavors, locations and offer delivery.  Some day perhaps.   Thanks for the feedback.


We loved the pies, would likely order for a special occasion. I liked the multi pack because we could try all the flavors. We each had a favorite, but loved them all! 


I don't know but thought the crusts tasted like frozen crusts which are not quite as good as fresh. 

CutiePies Response: Generally the crusts get very favorable ratings.  They can be tricky and perhaps that batch wasn't just right.  Thanks for the feedback.


Cutie pies are so so good!


Maybe have more deals and new flavors. The service was super and the pies were DELISH!!! WILL come back for more!!! If you can make them bigger size- 9 inches? 

CutiePies Response: For now, we can't generally offer full size pies due to our limited staff and capacity. However, if you contact me directly, we might be able to work something out.  Thanks for the feedback.


The crust was amazing


They were all delicious! Our whole family loved them! 


I tried to contact you via phone at one point. The number listed at the bottom of my email that was associated with your site I think was actually a wix support line. Could be good to see what you can alter about that within the Wix perimeters. These were delightful, and I can't wait to order more! 

CutiePies Response: We will look into the phone number concern and make an adjustment if possible.  Thanks for the feedback.


I think the flavors can be bolder. The chocolate wasn’t as deep as expected, the cheesecake one wasn’t as cheesecakey as I wanted it to be. The tart shells also weren’t as flaky as I expected.

CutiePies Response: Our goal is flavors that "pop" and flaky crust.  Thanks for the feedback.


None -- great experience and taste!


Very good, a few of our pies were broken but we stopped by family members house that we couldn’t see for thanksgiving and they were a hit! Everyone loves them! 

CutiePies Response: We have a new container in the works. It should help a lot.  Thanks for the feedback.


Great job on a personal experience and amazing product! 


Tasted good and were fun

@eatdrinkutah I had the chance to try @cutipietarts and wow, they're all each incredible in their own way!  I know we all typically want a slice of each pie or tart especially during the holidays, so the fact that you can have your own individual pie or tart is outstanding!  They're really doing it right! My personal favorite was their Heavenly Chocolate with Andes Mints.  I typically find mint in deserts to be overwhelming, but this one was perfect with the hit of mint from the Andes used.  We also tried their Heavenly Chocolate , Cheesecake Fruit Tart, Coconut Cream, Lemon Meringue, and Pumpkin. The pie crust is full of flavor and the pie + toppings were plentiful.  These would be perfect for events and parties as well as for the upcoming holidays! Check out @cutiepietarts and support local. 

"We must have pie.  Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie." David Mamet

Which means we should be completely chill around here. We didn't eat enough pie on Thanksgiving, so I followed (the always excellent) recommendation @donutcritic and picked up tiny pies / tarts from new-on-the-scene @cutiepietarts.

We liked all of them, but our top three were the Lemon Meringue, Coconut Cream and the Pumpkin.  The chocolate and Butterfinger and the chocolate and Andes Mint were both very good, but we learned we are more fruit pie folks.

I would definitely recommend these treats for a party or they're a great Covid-friendly individual pie option.  What a welcome addition to Utah's dessert scene. 

Great experience and taste! 

Today I had the privilege of experiencing Cutiepies for the first time and it did not disappoint!  Let me start off with the email interaction I've had with Marc, who is the founder of this company.  He came right out and walked my order to my car and was so pleasant and personable.  He shared with me his family's story about how these bite sized, individual pies came to be, and how him and his family take great pride in these pies and the family recipe.  I sampled all their flavors and they were pretty fantastic.  The lemon merengue was an instant favorite - the lemon had a punch full of flavor but not overpowering at all.  The fruit tart was just a great balance of fruit flavor with the custard.  The heavenly chocolate with Andes mints is a fantastic one to try as it's a seasonal one, but perfect for the holiday season.  The coconut cream was an instant hit with just the right amount of sweetness.  And the crust - wow, it's spot on that compliments every flavor of these bite sized little heavens-in-your-mouth. Overall, these miniature pies are the way to go for wanting a taste of every flavor of pie - without having to have a slice of a regular sized pie.  Plus, in my opinion, it's more fun to eat, share with someone, or just to be able to give yourself a treat anytime.      

Very good, a few of our pies were broken but we stopped by family members house that we could not see for thanksgiving and they were a hit! Everyone loves them! 

CutiePies Response: We are sorry for the breakage.  We have taken steps to make our product more sturdy for the drive home.


Great job on a personal experience and amazing product!  


Tasted good and were fun. 


My address would not come up on the ordering page.  Maybe try to fix that, I am sure others will have this problem as well.  The pies were delicious and beautiful! 

CutiePies Response: We were offering deliver services up to 15 miles but learned quickly that we couldn't keep that up.  I'm guessing when you placed your order you were outside the 15 mile zone.


The only reason Andes mint was my least favorite is because I do not like mint, but my husband loved it!  


The pie filling was delicious! I was not as big a fan of the crust, as I prefer a flakier crust, but we still gobbled them up quickly! 

CutiePies Response: So sorry the crust did not meet your expectations.  Surprising because we often receive complements about our crust being very flaky.   Perhaps the crust you got was not baked properly.


@donutcritic I’ve started a lot of things in my life and have then have lost interest over time... but finding and eating new desserts has been my longest standing obsession. It’s fuel to my internal fire when I find a shop like @cutiepietarts . They’re just starting but they’ve got a good thing going with these mini pies and tarts. Here’s our prioritized list of the 6 current flavors 1) Lemon meringue was our favorite with punch of flavor. We fought over who would finish this. 2) Next we loved the coconut - it had a great creamy coconut flavor. Perfect balance with the crust. 3) Chocolate + butterfinger - a good 👊 pop of flavor I wasn’t expecting. I could use a deeper chocolate flavor. 4) Fruit cheesecake - great fruit inclusion. Cheesecake was a little gummy but good flavor 5) Pumpkin - great classic. It was good but nothing stuck out as unique. 6) Chocolate + Andes mints. It was good - was hoping for more chocolate to emerge.
Overall, I really liked these. The only thing that left me wanting is the option for more crusts. I mean, we sat down and ate multiple tarts... so, if I just ate one then having the same crust wouldn’t be a conundrum 🤷‍♂️😂. If you sign up for their email then you can get a free dozen (better act fast before the deal is over 😉). 

CutiePies Response: Thank you so much for posting your very favorable review on Instagram.  Your review generated dozens of subscribers and orders.  As for the different types of crusts, we hope to be able to expand our selection in the coming months.  However, since we are a home-based business and hand make our products to order, we are somewhat limited in how many different items we can offer. 


They were great. We liked serving the small ones at Thanksgiving so everyone could sample different ones. 


The containers did not seem to fit the pies. They seemed too small for them.   


CutiePies Response: We agree and have already taken steps to fix this.


The lemon meringue was perfect. The coconut cream was also very very good. The decorations on some of them were a little too busy. On one of them, maybe the pumpkin one? The decorations looked unappetizing. Too many colors. The location is far away from us and the regular price is a little too high for us (middle class family, four kids). If there were bulk pricing and we could get 12 big ones for $30 we would go for this. 


CutiePies Response: Thank you for your feedback.  If the response to our products continues to be positive, we hope we will be able to expand from a home-based business to having one or more retail locations.  The pricing for our products is based on a reasonable margin.  Each pie is hand made and takes a fair amount of time.  If we are able to expand to a retail setting, we should be able to streamline some processes and hope to be able to lower our pricing as we get more economies of scale.


Your tarts were a highlight of our holiday meal . They were tasty, beautiful, and offered great variety for every palate. The size was perfect since choosing just one would have just been far too difficult.  

Leftovers made an elegant take home treat for guests. 


Love supporting new local businesses. Pick up is easy and convenient. Yummy product, good service! 


DONT CHANGE THE COCONUT! Also, lemon was fantastic. I wish that there were a little more flavor to the chocolate. Pumpkin was a little too pumpkiny for me. I would do a little less fruit on the cheesecake, but the flavor was great! 


CutiePies Response: Thanks for the feedback.  The chocolate is a light, velvety mousse.  There have been a few comments about having a deeper chocolate version and we will look into adding this as another option.


These pies were delicious! Perfect size! The chocolate really was heavenly!! Thanks for making dessert so easy! 

The coconut cream was SO SO GOOD!!!! :) we loved them!

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